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This professional plan and portfolio is developed as part of my ultimate learning goal to become an effective reflective practitioner. It is also part of a requirement to the fulfilment for a degree in Master of Adult Education Women’s Leadership & Community Development.

Executive Summary

This professional portfolio demonstrates the growth and self-awareness that have characterised my personal and professional development, the need that pushed personal changes and set personal goals, and a showcase of my employability, leadership and responsibility.

It is a synthesis of my professional development that covers my philosophical statement of adult education, personal and professional experience, training and education, and samples of my work. In addition, this portfolio explores adult education theories that align with my personal philosophies and tracks how these theories have manifested in my learning journey.

I welcome the reader to share in my life’s journey, the underlining philosophies that guide and push me, and hopefully find a connection that can bring about perspective transformation for each person.

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