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Please follow the link below to explore some of my work and contributions:

Justice Education

I designed the Leading Justice education in Nigeria programme that is providing information, resources and support which active citizens, who exert political and social pressure on behalf of marginalised communities, denounce government corruption, demand political accountability and mobilize against business practices that harm human beings and the environment, can use to protect their rights. 


  • Lagi O. (2023). Reflective Practice and Its Potential to Enhance Clinical Legal Education and Support Social Justice Work of Law Clinics in Nigeria: A Case Study. Thesis. Stfx Scholar 

  • Lagi et al. (2021). Strategies to Advance Pretrial Reform: An overview of gaps and opportunities in the Federal Capital Territory pretrial legal framework and practice.

  • Lagi, O., Elendu O. (2021). Street Law Manual: Peace & Conflict Transformation for Law Clinics. NULAI Nigeria. This manual provides deliberate tools to assist in the promotion of peace and conflict transformation in Nigeria. The manual focuses on using street law programmes of law clinics to integrate peace and conflict curriculum, establish community peace education, and set up law clinics as peace dialogue centres. It is primarily meant to provide guidance in providing community-based conflict transformation and peacebuilding approaches with the goal of enabling young adults to nurture a culture of nonviolence, and influence attitudes that support the promotion of sustainable peace, justice, human rights, and democratic governance in communities.

  • Lagi O., Yusuf M., Kabir C., Elendu O., Agwu K., Uwais A., Ogunkunle S. (2020) COVID-19 Pandemic: Human Rights & Access to Justice in Nigeria. NULAI Nigeria. The research report that explored the impact of the pandemic on criminal justice and the effect of subsequent restrictions on the fundamental rights of citizens and their ability to have access to justice.

  • Lagi O., Akhigbe E.E, Ibe S., Oke T., Maduafor J., Onuche S. O., Chukwu S., Bernard A., Emmanuel C.E. (2019). Campus-Based Law Clinics in Criminal Justice Administration in Nigeria. NULAI Nigeria. This publication tracks how law clinics’ involvement in criminal justice in Nigeria has evolved overtime under the Network of University Legal Aid Institutions (NULAI).

  • Lagi, O., Agwu K., Uwais A., Elendu O. (2018). Indicators and Monitoring Framework for Pretrial Provisions of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act (ACJA). NULAI Nigeria. The framework provides a guide that can be adapted or adopted for tracking the implementation of the pretrial provisions of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act/Laws by all criminal justice sector and non-sectors actors involved in enhancing and promoting access to justice and reform of our criminal justice system.

  • Lagi, O. (2017). Chronicling the developments of clinical legal education in Nigeria. In S. Erugo, & O. C. Adekoya (Eds.), Lawyering with integrity: Essays in Honour of Ernest Ojukwu, SAN (pp. 13–28). Lulu Press.

  • Ojukwu E., Adekoya C., Erugo S., Oke-Samuel G., Olatunji O., Ayeni V., Sule I., Lagi O. (2016). Street Law: Freedom of Information Manual. NULAI Nigeria. Provides teaching and learning resource that will assist in the promotion and use of the Freedom of Information Act. It provides guidance and methodologies to assist University based Law Clinic students to teach freedom of information and its use in street law in schools and community outreach programmes.

  • Ojukwu E., Akhigbe E.E., Eyo I., Omaka A., Lagi O., Madu C. (2014). Street Law: Child Rights Manual. NULAI Nigeria. This manual provides deliberate tool to assist in the promotion of child's rights in Nigeria. The manual focuses on street law education on child's rights. It deals with basic child's rights and issues of child trafficking. It is primarily meant to provide guidance and methodologies to assist University based Law Clinic Students to teach basic child's rights and child trafficking issues in street law and outreach programmes in the communities and schools.

  • Ojukwu E., Lagi, O. (2012). Manual on Prison Pre-trial Detainee Law Clinic. NULAI Nigeria. Provides a guide to law teachers and law students working in a Prison Pre-trial Detainee Law Clinic or other criminal justice, human rights and access to justice projects and programmes in Nigeria.

  • Odinakaonye, L. (2009). Human Rights and Poverty Reduction: Exploring the Relevance of Legal Empowerment of the Poor in Poverty Reduction in Nigeria. Thesis dissertation, Central European University. Verlag Dr. Muller Aktiengesellschaft & C. KG, 2010).

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